Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy 4/20!

I'm not a user but I'm a staunch supporter of legalization. So, you can imagine my excitement when an Ontario judge ruled that the marijuana laws are unconstitutional. The federal government made an appeal and they have three months to modify the laws before weed, medical or otherwise, is legalized in the province. Quebec has an even larger percentage of smokers, so I'm sure that if, by some miracle, the feds couldn't make a successful appeal, my province would be first in line to follow Ontario's lead.

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. The Conservative Party, while still a minority, wants to toughen punishment for small growers, including mandatory minimum sentences. When asked a couple of years ago why he's against legalization, Prime Minister Harper has two basic reasons (that I can recall):

1. To protect children. See, his two kids are reaching the age of experimentation and he wants to keep them safe, which obviously means that he has to prohibit the substance for 30,000,000 other people too. Whenever a politician tries to ban something because of his personal (usually religious) ideals, they will, without fail, claim that it is for the benefit of the children. I'm pretty sure the British and Australian governments used the same excuse when they tried to censor Internet pornography.

2. Legalizing the drug would be like funding criminal organizations. Since the exact opposite is true, I can only conclude that Harrper is pretending to live in a parallel universe where everything is opposite of reality. That would explain why he's trying to turn a predominantly left-wing country into a social conservative utopia.

But despite the fact that he is woefully uninformed, one major part of his election campaign platform is stricter drug laws. What a tool. I'm itching for the May vote, even though he will only end up in charge of a minority government again. The longer we can keep this flaming moron from the reins of total power, the better.

Here's a pot-related article that made me chuckle (the first part, anyway):
Pot Activist Smokes Joint in House of Commons